Posts by Maria McDowell

Posts by Maria McDowell

Why Support St. Philip?

Each year we spend time talking about why we love St. Philip and how we can continue to be a vital presence in the lives of individuals, families, and the community. Last Sunday, Gary Carroll shared invited all of us to come alongside the Vestry as they plan the 2024 budget. Kevin Sampson, a newer member of St. Philip, shared why he is at St. Philip. Here is what they had to say. Budget UpdateGary Carroll The vestry has been…

Ignore the Email Spoof!

A smart but nefarious somebody out in the world wild web has decided to “spoof” Rev. Maria’s email. You may have recently received a message like this, but with two significant problems: The First Problem: Not official email If you are reading email on a phone you might have to tap next to the sender’s name: Always check the email address from which the email is sent. Sometimes this means clicking a small arrow to reveal the “headers” of an…

New (to us) Sanctuary Chairs!

This last week St. Philip picked up over one hundred solid maple chairs from Multnomah County Libraries. Rebecca, Thomas (her son), Tony, Aimee, and Rev. Maria loaded the chairs, a lovely meeting table, a whiteboard, and few other office items into one uHaul, a minivan, and a small pickup truck. Meanwhile, Bernadine swung a drill and took apart the plywood desk in the office, and Janet helped sort all our hymn books and BCP into neat piles. Over the course…

Financial Pledge Update

Pledges are up by 65% for 2023! This is incredibly good news, and we thank you for your generosity. As we commenced discussing our future, one financial fact stood out: in order to stay open and have full-time clergy and a small paid staff, St. Philip needs to raise at least $200K a year. We delayed our pledges for 2023 so that we could have an honest conversation about our financial future. St. Philip has liquid assets, that is, money…

Build, Share, and Shelter Love

What can I do to joyfully build, share, and shelter love at St. Philip? We need to decide who and how we want to love, and realize that may not reflect our historical membership. We need to be creative, be willing to do new things, and hand leadership over to those, if any, who want to take it in new directions.

Rector’s Note: Writing our Next Chapter

I am going to begin with a very difficult reality: the closing of St. Philip, in its current form, is virtually inevitable. The only thing that will change this is the development of a larger, actively engaged community living out God’s presence at the corner of NE Knott and Rodney, and the corresponding funds to support that community. Without both of these elements, we simply cannot continue long-term in any effective way. 

Housing Update: A Potential New Path

In order to live into our decades long vision of building affordable housing at St. Philip, the Vestry has decided to explore additional opportunities that combine market rate and affordable housing, and explore affordable homeownership options.

Rector’s Note: Resting in the Lord

The vestry believes that it is time for St. Philip to consider resting in the Lord, to lay down this Parish, and together with God, let the Spirit do a new work on this small plot of land that has been our home. We have been good and faithful servants, and the Spirit of this community is still with us, despite the aging of our bodies. Our mission for the future calls us to be willing to be transformed in ways we cannot yet see, and of which we may not be a part. Please join us for two congregational meetings where we will discuss our future, and answer questions: December 11th and January 8th.

Rest Eternal: Myrtle Carr

On October 9th at 10am, at St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church (120 NE Knott St.), the Sunday Eucharist will be offered in memory of Myrtle Carr.  A light repast will be held at St. Philip the Deacon after the service.