St. Philip is place to use your gifts. Whether by serving our neighbors during the Saturday Community Lunch, carrying candles as a part of our liturgical ministries, or caring for one another in our times of need, we are committed to living out compassion and justice in any way we know how.

Come join us!

The Deacon’s Dining Hall

St. Philip the Deacon has hosted a Saturday Lunch every Saturday for 20 years. Our Saturday Lunch ministry serves neighbors and the larger community throughout the year. Come join us!

Liturgical Ministry

Sunday mornings are a time to celebrate! Our liturgy is a participatory activity, whether you are singing, sitting quietly, or wandering in and out (parents and children, here is looking at you!).  The liturgy is what we do together, and you are welcome to come and be just as you are, and participate with us in whatever way brings you joy and life. Read about a few of the ways you may participate in our Sunday liturgy.