Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


We are called to worship God, to show forth Christ, and in the power of the Holy spirit to be a vital presence in the lives of individuals, families and the community.


Building on our rich African-American heritage, St. Philip the Deacon provides a Christian home for social justice, community leadership, healing, evangelism and feeding God’s flock.


As people of God, we are…

Grounded in prayer: As a means of sustaining ourselves, one another and our community, we accept that God’s greatest resource is prayer. In prayer we learn to trust God so that healing work of the church is accomplished. COME and pray with us.

Spiritual: We are called into the world to give ourselves in response to God’s love for us. We share that love in community with the support and example of the church past and present. We seek to grow in our faith and practice through common prayer, common worship, and common action. COME and worship with us.

Diverse: Born as an African-American Episcopal congregation in 1911, St. Philip has grown into an inclusive and diverse spiritual community. Following the teachings of Jesus, we welcome and embrace people from all walks of life. It is our goal to always reflect the diversity of God’s creation. COME and be a part of us.

Serving community: Called by Christ to love our neighbors, we work to meet our neighbors and listen to their needs. WE trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit to feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, do justice and make peace. COME and serve with us.