Celebrating Together

Join us for worship on Sunday at 10 am. We worship in-person and stream our services to YouTube. Masks are encouraged to slow the spread of flu, RSV, and Covid. If you or those close to you are vulnerable, please wear a mask when inside the building. If you are sick or feeling unwell, stay safe and stay home, but be sure to join us via YouTub3 livestream in order to keep our children and vulnerable elders safe.

Location Details

120 NE Knott StreetPortland, OR 97212

All are invited

All who hunger and thirst for God are welcome here. That means all.

The Deacon's Dining Hall

The Deacon’s Dining Hall serves neighbors and the larger community throughout the year. Come join us and share a meal with your neighbors.


Spiritual Formation

Join us for our current Spiritual Formation series, “Why we Pray the Way we Pray.

News & Announcements

Diocesan Truth and Reconciliation Listening Session

The diocesan Truth and Reconciliation Working Group is hosting a listening session at St. Philip’s after the liturgy on Sunday, March 26th. We are seeking to record the experiences of church members related to race and racism, especially as it pertains to their faith lives.  What role did/does St. Philip the Deacon and its members play in the life of the greater community? What have members of St. Philip’s experienced in the diocese and the wider Episcopal Church? How has…

Advocacy Training Opportunities

Join ‘Countering NIMBYism’ Trainings with Leaven Community this month! It’s time to kick-off the ‘People’ part of ourHousing and Wholeness campaign! Leaven Community is hosting a series of trainings on how to have courageous conversations with our neighbors around the housing crisis – conversations that address people’s concerns, counter the NIMBYism narratives that divide us, and build active support for humane & proven solutions to this crisis. Sign up today!Trainings will be held at a variety of “anchor sites” throughout the tri-county area…

New (to us) Sanctuary Chairs!

This last week St. Philip picked up over one hundred solid maple chairs from Multnomah County Libraries. Rebecca, Thomas (her son), Tony, Aimee, and Rev. Maria loaded the chairs, a lovely meeting table, a whiteboard, and few other office items into one uHaul, a minivan, and a small pickup truck. Meanwhile, Bernadine swung a drill and took apart the plywood desk in the office, and Janet helped sort all our hymn books and BCP into neat piles. Over the course…

Financial Pledge Update

Pledges are up by 65% for 2023! This is incredibly good news, and we thank you for your generosity. As we commenced discussing our future, one financial fact stood out: in order to stay open and have full-time clergy and a small paid staff, St. Philip needs to raise at least $200K a year. We delayed our pledges for 2023 so that we could have an honest conversation about our financial future. St. Philip has liquid assets, that is, money…