Joy is the only really transforming power in this world.

— Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World

Our life together begins in celebrating together: celebrating God’s gifts to us, God’s transformation of us, and God’s loving of the world through us. We rejoice in the conviction that God is everywhere and in all things, that the sacred fills our lives and our world. We gather every Sunday @ 10am to sing, pray, tell ancient stories of the holy and unholy, and bring our ordinary lives into the extraordinary love of God around Jesus’ table.

The center of this life is the Eucharist, the “Great Thanksgiving,” where we gather to share the ordinary stuff of life, bread and wine, and use our bodies and our senses to celebrate the presence of the divine in everyday things. Together we celebrate the central Sacrament of Christianity, eating together as we rejoice, lament, sing and meditate. We do so knowing that our bodies, hearts and minds are transformed by what we do together whenever we gather. We enter into ancient practices with all of our senses, sitting, standing, smelling, listening, knowing that the Spirit of God is constantly calling us to grow, to face our fears, to live justly, to practice compassion, to love as Jesus loved.

We are all celebrants.

We are a part of the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement and our time together is shaped by the Book of Common Prayer.

All are welcome to join us.

What to Expect

What to Expect Our Sunday worship stems from the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement, and you’ll find much of what you need to participate the bulletin. If you’re unfamiliar with these traditions, you can also simply let the singing and prayers of the community carry you forward. There is no wrong way to come to God in prayer; we’re glad to have you with us. Episcopal worship gathers together the hearts and prayers of everyone present and involves call and…

Sunday Eucharist

The shared meal of thanksgiving is the heart of our time together. We gather for a joyful Rite II service every Sunday morning, praying, singing, and reflecting on God’s word together.