Taught by a Star

Sermon for the Second Sunday of Christmas, January 02, 2021 at St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon; by the Rev’d Dr. Maria McDowell.

Know Justice, Know Peace

We live in a world where saying that black and brown lives matter means that white lives do not matter, because we have created that world. We have created a world infested with the lie that white lives thrive at the expense of black and brown lives. We have created a world where to know justice is to know violence. Yet, the judgement of God is to recognize retribution and injustice for what it is, destructive, and to invite us to live in a world where to know justice is to know peace.

Be Troubled (by the Spirit)!

Note: What I wrote below and what I said aren’t quite the same. Read if you want, but listen too. The Spirit troubled the waters, and new life erupted forth. New life is eruption. It isn’t peaceful, it isn’t calm. It breaks through. Seeds crack as a shoot bursts forth. Dirt is shoved aside. Human life is born amidst pain and blood and water. We are troubled, and we live in troubled times, and maybe that trouble is the Spirit,…
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