Why Support St. Philip?

Why Support St. Philip?

Each year we spend time talking about why we love St. Philip and how we can continue to be a vital presence in the lives of individuals, families, and the community.

Last Sunday, Gary Carroll shared invited all of us to come alongside the Vestry as they plan the 2024 budget. Kevin Sampson, a newer member of St. Philip, shared why he is at St. Philip.

Here is what they had to say.

Budget Update
Gary Carroll

The vestry has been hard at work in trying to determine the budget outlook for 2024.  Rather than make a first-time presentation at the annual meeting, we decided it would be great to bring you all along with us as we engage in this work.

There are two major areas that we are gathering data and making assumptions about that inform the budget that we will present to you in January.

Firstly, we are projecting income and revenue to be at $103,000.00 for 2024.  This is slightly higher than 2023 and is based on our belief that our members will continue to support St. Philips in the way that they did in 2023.  This is why it is so important to continue in all the ways that you support our parish, whether it is with time, or specific talents, or sharing your treasure—it all makes a difference.

The second area that we are looking at is expenditure.  We are projecting to spend between 117 to 143,000 dollars in 2024.  The decisions that we are making now include what are the immediate repairs that need to happen, how we can continue to fund our outreach and ministry efforts, and what part of the year to move from supply to part time clergy.

Our current models do both represent a budget deficit which means that we will have to use funds in our savings to cover the gap.  This is not an ideal situation; it occurs often in churches and nonprofits worldwide.  The good news is that we have a path forward for full operation in 2024 and can make decisions that will position us to continue doing the most important work of our parish.  

I want to thank you all for your trust in our vestry as we make these decisions and we welcome your thoughts and ideas.  You all make this place amazing, from the volunteering that you do, to the generous pledge amounts that you give, I’m constantly inspired by how God continues to work in this place and through us.

Proposed Budget

This is the short form of the proposed budget. Contact Gary for the detailed budget. The “Grant carry-over” represents the remaining diocesan Board of Trustees “Saying ‘Yes'” grant which is in our cash (rather than investment) savings account.

2024 Proposed2024 Proposed (alt)2023 Est. Actual
INCOME/REVENUESupply + ½ year of ½ time clergySupply Clergy Only
Total Pledges, Loose Plate, Gifts$102,700.00$102,700.00$65,300.00
Total Grant Revenues$0.00$0.00$0.00
Total Outreach Offerings$100.00$100.00$10,700.00
Total Revenue$103,000.00$103,000.00$79,100.00
Total Compensation$82,980.00$52,575.00$150,605.32
Total Utilities$18,800.00$18,800.00$15,200.00
Total Building & Grounds$10,600.00$10,600.00$12,200.00
Total Office & Administration$8,600.00$8,600.00$10,315.00
Total Operating Expenses$132,534.00$105,575.00$201,501.32
Total Outreach$1,750.00$1,750.00$13,250.00
Total Mission & Ministry$8,900.00$8,900.00$19,200.00
Total Expenditures$143,184.00$116,225.00$233,951.32
Grant Carry-over$50,000.00$50,000.00$59,000
NET Cash accounts after carry-over$9,816.00$36,775.00-$95,851

Why St. Philip?
Kevin Sampson

I’m new to St Philip, but I grew up in the Episcopal church, in what is the anchor parish for Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

There was a strong and supportive community there, and in it’s way, as a suburban parish in the 2000’s, it was affirming. But many, maybe most of us, of us who came up there didn’t stay with the faith as we got older, even though the church wasn’t pushing anyone way.

What kept me coming back to the church as I got older was finding communities that were inclusive and had a sense that God has something to say about how we live our lives in the here and now. 

Places that are invested in both calling people into community, and asking us to live better lives together, to love one another better, aren’t that common, in my experience, inside the church or outside it. 

I think St Philip is a place that does that, we come back to it every Sunday at the dismissal, when we acknowledge the call from the Spirit to be a vital presence in the community, and that’s a large part of why I’m here, and why I pledge.

2024 Pledge Card