Ignore the Email Spoof!

Ignore the Email Spoof!

A smart but nefarious somebody out in the world wild web has decided to “spoof” Rev. Maria’s email. You may have recently received a message like this, but with two significant problems:

The First Problem: Not official email

If you are reading email on a phone you might have to tap next to the sender’s name:

Always check the email address from which the email is sent. Sometimes this means clicking a small arrow to reveal the “headers” of an email. The email should match exactly a known email connected with the parish. In the case of St. Philip, all emails end with “@stphilipthedeacon.org.”

The Second Problem:

No pastor, priest, or rector should EVER ask for money through email! If a member of a church is asked to give money for a specific purpose, it should only ever happen through official channels, like a newsletter from the church, and include an actual conversation or public announcement. Individual requests should be made in person, though to be honest, they should rarely be made. Your clergy likely has a discretionary account (held by the church) for specific needs, and you can always give money to put in that account if you are feeling generous.

The moral of the story: Email requests for money are almost ALWAYS SPOOFS! Ignore them.