Supporting trans kids with Fierce Families

Supporting trans kids with Fierce Families

For some of us, it is important to support our trans-siblings. Join Fierce Families in their effort to stop anti-trans school board candidates.

We want our kids – and every kid – to feel welcome at school. That explicitly anti-trans school board candidates exist is a terrible reality. That’s the exact opposite of what kids need – support – no matter if they are trans or not. The anti-trans candidate is a backlash to the success that Fierce Families fought for last year and growing trans visibility. We enjoy a certain amount of acceptance here in Portland, but that’s not the case everywhere. By taking a few hours to phone bank, we can hopefully have an impact on these local elections (mostly in rural Oregon) that will make it more possible for a rural trans kid in Oregon to feel more welcome to be just who they are. 

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The Logistics

This is a phone banking project and will take two hours.  There are three slots. We will just show up on zoom, and get directions from organizers then. The slots are: