Statewide Advocacy Cohort-with Jules, LaVeta, Melissa

Statewide Advocacy Cohort-with Jules, LaVeta, Melissa

A Special Invitation from Leaven to You

We invite you to feel the depth and breadth of our power as people of faith and fierce love in Oregon. During the month of May, Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice have collaborated and are inviting you to bring three people you know who care about community stabilization in Oregon to attend our upcoming statewide…

Oregon Community Stabilization: Intersectional Housing Advocacy Cohort-sprint

We will grow our collective faith capacity in Oregon as we learn about five proposed Oregon legislative bills and their impact that, if passed, will provide necessary components to stabilize and strengthen the fabric of Oregon communities.

Two bills – HB2008A & SB8A – rise directly out of the local work of Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition around code, zoning and tax implications that make it more affordable and efficient for faith communities to build affordable housing on land we steward. Three additional bills around Healthy Homes, Energy Affordability and 100% Clean Energy make up the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign organized by the Coalition of Communities of Color.

Collectively we will accompany one another as we prepare powerful public testimony and engage with legislators; radically inviting them into our shared vision.

Our invitation to you…

  • Write down the names of 3 people you know whose hearts yearn for community stabilization
  • Call them up and invite them to join you for the first cohort session on May 4th, 6:30-8pm. 
    (*Note: These sessions will not be identical. Instead, they are a leadership accompaniment process and we encourage you to attend both if possible. If you cannot, let us know the names of the people you invited and we will make sure they are connected with a cohort ).