Posts from 2021

Posts from 2021

Advent and Christmas Schedule

Advent and Christmas Schedule The First Sunday of Advent with Godly Play Sermon, November 28th, 10am. The Second Sunday of Advent with Godly Play Sermon, December 5th, 10am. The Third Sunday of Advent with Godly Play Sermon, December 12th, 10am. The Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 19th, 10 am. Christmas Eve Eucharist, December 24th. Eucharist w/ Godly Play Nativity Story, 7pm. Christmas Day Eucharist, December 25th, 10am. First Sunday after Christmas, December 26th, 10am. Second Sunday after Christmas, January 2nd,…


Albina Library & North Portland Library What can your library do for your community?We want to hear from you! JOIN US Learn about the library bond projects, see what libraries of the 21st centuryhave to offer and share your ideas and dreams for your local library! Community Meeting at North Portland Library 512 N Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217 Saturday, December 411am-1pm Grab your masks and stop by North Portland Library! Share your ideas about what you’d like to see…

First Sunday of Advent at St. Philip

At St. Philip, we reflect an awareness that going deeper into God is about responding to God’s work and play in our lives and the world around us now. A deep and authentic spiritual life is rooted in responding with God and God’s prophets to this place, to this time, to this neighborhood, in this body (and bodies). Come, join us, as we continue to hear the stories of God told to children and elders alike. Wonder with us. Journey with us.

Celebrating our Gifts!

Celebrating our Gifts for 2022! On Sunday, November 21st we will celebrate the gifts God gives to us, the gifts we give to one another, and the gifts we give to this community. Come celebrate!

Kumoricon Supports Hand Up

Kumoricon has a long history of giving back to the local community. Since 2005, Kumoricon has hosted a Charity Auction benefiting a local charity. In 2018, they raised over $12,000 toward OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and The Greeney Family Fund for Japanese Track Scholarships. This year, Kumoricon is supporting The Hand Up project, which is the organization behind The People’s Pantry run out of St. Philip and the Q Center. Food Drive “Feed Your Waifu / Husbando” Join Kumoricon in…

We are worshipping in-person!

This is a reminder that we are now gathering in-person for Sunday Eucharist. We made this decision at the end of August, and have been gathering every Sunday in-person since then. It has been lovely to be in person again, to hear our voices praying in word and song together. Being Healthy, Together Our congregation is almost entirely vaccinated. Due to the Delta variant, we are asking everyone to mask when in the building. Masking keeps us and those around…

Welcoming Our Elders Home

This blog was written and contributed by the Rev. Maria McDowell and the community at St. Philip the Deacon, Portland. It appeared in the Diocesan Digest on September 30th and the full article is on the Diocesan website. St. Philip the Deacon, in partnership with Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives (PCRI), Urban League of Portland, Northwest Pilot Project, and the Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition, is welcoming our elders home. We are stewarding the resources God has given us to build affordable housing for Black seniors…

Listening to our Neighbors: What do we cherish?

At St. Philip, we are moving into a period of listening. Over the next six months, we are going to be asking our neighbors, “What do you cherish about this neighborhood? What keeps you up at night?” To help us learn how to do this, and to help us understand why listening is so important, we will have a special guest this Sunday (October 3rd): LaVeta Gilmore Jones, co-director of the Leaven Community Land & Housing Coalition.

reBuilding a Cornerstone Community

Over the last few months, you may have heard mention of renovating St. Philip. As we work towards building The Alcena – An Affordable Living Community, We also want to ensure that our building continues to stand as cornerstone in our community. We want to continue to be as a spiritual and community cornerstone in the Albina/Eliot neighborhood, a place where our neighbors can meet and renewed by God as we seek to welcome and care for the vulnerable. Our…

Going Deeper: What are the qualities of racial reconcilation?

The Diocese of Oregon’s Engaging Racial Justice Working Group (formerly the Commission to End Racism) is asking all parishes to discuss the following question: If the Dioceses of Oregon were to undergo a powerful transformation of racialreconciliation through the power of the Holy Spirit, what specific qualities andcharacteristics would we see? Please take the time to reflect on the question and consider concretely what the process of reconciliation and its result actually looks like. We will be discussing this question,…

Masks Update: Required until February

Masks Required Due to the rapidly increasing number of Covid cases and the Delta variant, St. Philip will be following the policy of Multnomah County. Face coverings or masks are required for all folks, ages 5 and up, in all indoor spaces at St. Philip, whether you are vaccinated or not. Following the County guidelines, this will be in place until (at least) February 8, 2022. Communion in One Kind We will be receiving communion in one kind, that is, bread…

Rector’s Note: Shuffling the Furniture of our Lives

On August 8th, when we finally worship together in the sanctuary you will see we have rearranged the furniture! As you sit with this change, both the first time and in a few months when the novelty has worn off, ask yourselves: How does this way of worshipping together connect you to God and your beloved kin and neighbors in a new way?

A Tale of Two Conversations

The conversations were revealing. A common theme, for newcomers and long-time residents alike, was the desire for safe venues and events where people can meet one another. This search for common ground forms the basis of the Neighborhood Engagement conversation. What do residents cherish about the neighborhood—and how can St. Philip respond to the needs, hopes, and dreams of those around us?

Cursillo 2021

An Episcopal Cursillo weekend for all adults will be held Thursday evening, September 9 – Sunday afternoon, September 12, 2021 at the Oregon Christian Convention Center in Turner (just outside Salem).  Cursillo is ministry of the Episcopal Church, designed to give participants a lived experience of the love of God and the love of the Christian community.  Many report that Cursillo wonderfully deepens their faith, empowers their ministry to others, and continues to nourish their spiritual lives.  There is no…