Albina Library Construction Update: Tree Removal (Completed)

Albina Library Construction Update: Tree Removal (Completed)

UPDATE: The tree removal was completed on Monday, September 11. The parking lot will be available as usual beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12,

The Multnomah County Library construction project is right on schedule. They are planning to complete the demo portion of the project next week with the removal of the three large trees between the parking lots.

The construction team will set up safety cones in the parking lot to prevent people from parking beneath the trees during the active tree removal. As soon as the removal is complete, they will remove the cones and parking will again be available in those spots. The work will only be done during the workday Monday-Thursday, so there should be minimal impact to the functioning of the church. All parking spaces will be available as usual on Sunday.

As a reminder, the library project includes the replanting of the border between the parking lots. The representatives from the library design team worked with our vestry to develop a grading and revegetation plan that will include shade trees and native plants. The exact timing of the replanting is unknown, but will depend on the progress of the construction as well as the optimal season for installing new plants.

The construction team continue to be great neighbors and we’re all excited to see this project progress.