Tree of Life: Race Talks

Tree of Life: Race Talks

St. Philip’s Tree of Life is our effort to give back to organizations that benefit our community, a commitment we made as a part of our 2019 Annual Budget. Not only do we experience God’s love in and through our parish, we recognize that God’s love is all around us, through organizations and ministries that care for all of God’s creation. Each one of these organizations is close to the heart of someone in our church family, and is supported by our community.

Race Talks

Race Talks started in 2005 when Portland Public Schools introduced study groups to the book Courageous Conversations about Race which helped produce open conversations about race, class and white privilege.  Donna Maxey introduced this model to the general public.  The urgency to start talking now was furthered by the factoid: by 2040 there will be more people of color than white people in the United States.  With the help of Tim Hills, McMenamins Historian and Macceo Pettis, founds of United to Understand Racism, Race Talks emerged in February, 2011.  

Mission Statement:  Race Talks’ mission is to create better communication and relationships by filling the spaces between various races with compassionate education.  With the development of sensitivity and understanding, the racial and cultural divides will close and genuine relationships can develop through social justice activism supported by educational panels, films, good food and great conversation. 

  • Be diversity and equity activists
  • Make friends across cultural, racial, ethnic, religious and gender lines
  • Get actively involved in community reform

For more information contact Donna Maxey, Founder and Director

PO Box 28011
Portland, Oregon 97228-8011
Phone: 971-222-8254