Tree of Life: MIKE Program

Tree of Life: MIKE Program

St. Philip’s Tree of Life is our effort to give back to organizations that benefit our community, a commitment we made as a part of our 2019 Annual Budget. Not only do we experience God’s love in and through our parish, we recognize that God’s love is all around us, through organizations and ministries that care for all of God’s creation. Each one of these organizations is close to the heart of someone in our church family, and is supported by our community.

MIKE Program

            The MIKE Program (“Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education”) is a community-based non-profit organization whose Mission is to empower youth to be health leaders through education, mentorship and community outreach.  We partner with schools and youth agencies serving economically disadvantaged, racially/ethnically diverse, high opportunity teenagers.  MIKE Program brings information and activities which put overall health promotion in the center of teenagers’ educational and social experiences, preparing them to develop community strength through outreach to others and exposure to health care careers.

            MIKE Program provides near-age mentors, classroom enrichment, health science education experiences, introductions to healthcare careers, and community leadership so teenagers develop the knowledge skills and self-confidence to make educated decisions for healthy lives, help their families achieve health, and prepare to be healthy, and health-promoting parents.

            MIKE Program’s unique interlocking interventions re a one-of-a-kind, innovative, u[stream pipeline of services.  We help young people succeed now, and prepare them to get the next generation off to a good start.

            The holistic programming guides participants toward their goals:

  • Empower youth to embrace and promote healthy behaviors
  • Introduce youth to health care career options
  • Develop cultural and service skills of early career health professionals
  • Advance health equity within communities at risk of poor health outcomes

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