Coffee + Conversation + Connection (C3) with Grace Memorial

Coffee + Conversation + Connection (C3) with Grace Memorial

Parishioners from St. Philip have been invited to join those from Grace Episcopal in their C3 program. All who self-identify as women are invited to attend and the group is kept intentionally small.

From Gwen Harvey at Grace Memorial:

C3 meets the first Thursday of every month from 10-11am at the Lloyd Center upper food court. The meetings for the rest of 2023 are:

Thursday, October 5:  Paul’s Letter to the Philippians
Thursday, November 2: The Book of the Prophet Daniel
Thursday, December 7th: The Gospel of Luke (Chapters 1, 2, 3)

We meet at the Food Court level (up the escalator) at the Lloyd Center (2201 Lloyd Center, Portland). Enter the Halsey Street side @ Barnes & Noble Books).  Please patronize the Keia & Martyn Coffee Shop @ the top of the escalator. They open @ 9:00 AM. Let’s support a vital small minority owned business as we enjoy the courtesy of the Lloyd Center meeting space. Good Coffee! Good Social Investment!

The C3 agenda is simple. We have our coffee, engage in conversation, and connect over scripture. We explore the written Word together, in dialog & discovery. To prepare we are encouraged to read and/or listen to a preferred translation. Credible podcasts, audio visuals, and commentaries are additional resources widely available. Please remember C3 is not a class; it’s a conversation. Engagement; not education. Listening; learning in a safe place as we “test-drive” ideas and inspiration. 

All women are welcome. Attendance is by choice, on the calendar, yes, we hope; but not compulsory!  Come as you are and come when you can. For more information, please see Gwen Harvey: or 919 619 1238.