Toward a Horizon of Repair – the Emanuel Story

Toward a Horizon of Repair – the Emanuel Story

When: Wed, Feb 23rd, 6:30 – 7:30pm
Gather at 6:15 at the Oregon synod office building, 2800 N. Vancouver Ave.

Come join us as St. Philip the Deacon and the Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition join with the Oregon Synod of the Lutheran Church. Here is the invitation from the Oregon Synod:

The Oregon Synod welcomes you to join us as we explore the story of the Emanuel Hospital expansion from a lesser-known perspective, one that centers the families and businesses affected. We as a Church body recognize that we have benefited from the destruction of Central Albina. Our offices stand to this day on land that was previously a vibrant community. Come lament the destruction and take steps toward our new horizon of repair and restitution for the families who were harmed.

Albina Residents Picket the Portland Development Commission, 1973 (Oregon Historical Society CN 023743)

In advance of our participation, please familiarize yourself with this history — and the demands and stories of the families impacted — through this story map and the associated report, “Reclamation Towards the Futurity of Central Albina: Dreamworld Urbanism” – a collaboration between the Emanuel Displaced Persons Association 2 (EDPA2) and PSU’s FutureLab.