Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Come join us for our Annual Meeting!

Every Sunday we gather together the hearts and prayers of everyone present in the ancient call and response that is our liturgy, “the work of the people.” The Sunday Liturgy is only one of the many ways we work together for the life and joy of this parish and the world around us. This Sunday, our liturgy celebrates the work we have done together over the past year as we gather for that most Episcopalian of rituals, the Annual Meeting. This year, our meeting is woven into our Sunday celebration as a reminder that it is the work of every other day of the week that makes our work together on Sundays possible, and it is our work on Sunday to celebrate in gratitude and hope the many ways in which God works through us as individuals and as a community.

We will talk about our life together this past year, our five-year plan and affordable housing build, building neighbors around us, and decide together what to name the project.

Come join us!

A printable version of reports will be made available online. Here are the annual report slides we will use for our combined service and meeting.