Call to Action: Shelter to Housing Continuum

Call to Action: Shelter to Housing Continuum


In 2017 Leaven Community members and neighbors were at risk of eviction from their mobile homes, located on residential property, in which they were living. We launched a successful campaign with community members to address this issue and Commissioner Chloe Edudaly suspended enforcement of ordinance ( Title 29) beginning in October, 2017.

Kol Peterson,(1) a Cully neighbor and owner of a residential property where a tiny house on wheels is sited, was an ally and leader who helped us organize during that campaign. He has been following the outcome of the amnesty decision and writes the following.

(2) “The last three years of the amnesty provision have given us the chance to observe that the habitation of these vehicular dwellings on residential properties is actually working just fine and is not very controversial. Meanwhile, many individuals are taking advantage of this housing option already. I conducted research in the Cully neighborhood that indicated there’s more utilization of inhabited mobile dwellings on residential properties than there is utilization of permitted ADUs”

Shelter to Housing Continuum

Standards for people living in mobile dwellings on private residential property are being proposed in the city’s Shelter to Housing Continuum Project (S2HC). Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition leaders have met with Kol and agree with his assessment that the proposed standards are over regulated and create barriers for making this housing accessible and affordable.

The Planning and Sustainability Commission will have hearings on the S2HC draft proposals on the following dates:

TESTIFY. Submit written testimony and/or sign up to testify at a hearing. Here is an easy to read summary of the S2Hc proposed standards with commentary on the potential harm those standards could cause and the RECOMMENDED CHANGES LCLCH leaders support. Tips for Creating Public Testimony are also included.  Call to Action: Mobile Homes on Residential Pro…

Together we are an interfaith collective growing neighborhood capacity to stabilize community so that all people in Oregon may come home.
Be well and hope to see you on the 16th.
LaVetaLeaven Community Co-Director/Organizer

Cell: 503.936-2870

(1) Owner of Caravan-The Tiny House Hotel, editor of, author of Backdoor Revolution-The Definitive Guide to ADUs  

(2)  ( perties-in-one-portland-neighborhood/)