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Practices We Love: The Culture of St. Philip

Join us for our June Lunch & Chat: The Practices We Love! Every place has a way of doing things, a way of being together, customs and practices that give us meaning, joy, identity, and hope. On June 2nd we will gather over a hearty salad to take a look together at the practices we love, ask what they mean to us, how they express our deeply held values, and how they help us welcome others into our beloved community.

The Ordination of Jeanne Elizabeth Kaliszewski

On May 1st, Jeanne Elizabeth Kaliszewski was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests, to the joy and delight of all gathered. We at St. Philip are so glad to have her as a part of our community, and know she will be a wonderful priest in God’s church!

Worshiping with our Children

May Lunch & Chat: Worshiping with our Children! For our May 5th Lunch & Chat, we are going to talk about children, worship, and helping teach our children to be kind and loving little humans. The discussion will be facilitated by Mother Maria and Ashley Rollins, our Children’s Ministry Coordinator. We will start with a community story time where we share our favorite stories of being a child in church, or of a child you love participating in church. After hearing our stories, we…

Good Friday Psalm 22 and Veneration

During our Good Friday Liturgy, Elizabeth Schroder chanted Psalm 22 as a part of the Liturgy of the Word. During the Veneration of the Cross, Elizabeth chanted “He Who Hung the Earth Upon the Waters,” a traditional Crucifixion hymn in the Eastern Orthodox churches.

Pray-Ground Letter from Ashley & Children’s Ministry Team

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14 Hello St. Philip family. I’m excited to share that soon we will be putting action behind our words. For a long time now, we as a community have said that we hope to attract more individuals and families to our church — well now’s our chance! Next week the children’s ministry team will…